Our mission is to instill quality human movement in our clients so that they can be physically literate. Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engaging in physical activities for life.

Let us help you on your journey to move with ease. To move every day. To move for life.

Learn functional movement patterns and the fundamental training principles that you can apply to everyday living.

Are you stuck in old patterns?

We can help you learn about your movement patterns and how they’re affecting your day-to-day functioning.

Asymmetries and functional limitations impact nearly everyone’s movement in some way. Over time, such limitations can lead to injury if they are left unchecked.

JAMFITNESS uses a ranking and grading system to document movement patterns that are crucial for normal functioning. We show you where your areas of concern are, and help you address them so that you can avoid future injury and move forward with ease.

One-on-One Training includes:
⇒ Initial assessments
⇒ Custom training regiments based on clients’ goals, lifestyle, work schedule and medical records (if provided)

⇒ Book a complimentary Movement Assessment today!

Sessions Include:

– Movement Training
– Mobility Training
– Resistance training
– Strength training
– Weight training
– Fitness training
– Cardio training
– Posture Corrective Training
– Nutrition

Mike Silverberg

Mike Silverberg

Global Talent Management Professional

I would highly recommend Antonio as a personal trainer. His training programs are challenging, personalized and he is very flexible in terms of schedule as well as the program design itself. Antonio has a great attitude and helps push you to the next level, both in fitness and nutrition. Most of all he is very positive about fitness and helps motivate his clients to reach their goals.

Ariel Benibgui

Ariel Benibgui

Marketing Manager

Antonio developed a plan to meet my fitness goals and helped me achieve them through his knowledge and experience. He kept things interesting and was well organized, and his friendly demeanor and positive reinforcement were a constant source of motivation.

Tommy Europe

Tommy Europe

Fitness Gure

Antonio is an excellent team member and fitness instructor. Assisting with my SHRED Bootcamp on multiple occasions as an Instructor he was enthusiastic and motivational. His knowledge and experience insured participants of SHRED Bootcamp were assisted with their exercises and provided modifications when needed. His energy propped everyone up, which reflects the motivating person that he is. I would recommend his fitness services any day, and look forward to working with him again!


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